We chose Confluence because it is a well-established wiki-based platform that enables easy and instant feedback between developers. It has an extensive set of features for managing information, particularly around collaboration and version or change management. 

The API Centre Confluence space contains both technical and business level information about our API standards throughout the development pipeline. The level of access you have to that information will depend on your involvement with the centre. Anyone can view the published standards, but if you’re a registered Standards User (either an API Provider or Third Party) with the API Centre you’ll have additional rights.

Who has what level of access to our Confluence space?

We’ve kept the access levels to our Confluence space simple so all API Centre users can get the most current versions of the documents they need. 

1. All registered Standards Users can:

View and read the documentation and specifications (YAML swagger) for our published standards in Confluence without needing a login. These can be used as a basis to build your solution to the standard.

2. Registered Standards Users who are members of our technical working group will be:

Given access so they can fulfil their role within the API Centre for all standards development activities. Access allows users to comment on new standards and new versions of existing standards during the design, development and ‘release candidate’ phases. Those who are logged in can also access documentation for all published and under development standards, technical working group material, API standards policies and procedures, proposal documents, issue logs and backlogs.

If you’d like to get more involved with our work, including getting login access to our Confluence space, then talk to us about joining the centre as a Standards User.