Our customer experience guidelines support organisations planning to use our latest standards to build real-world customer solutions. 

You can download the customer experience guidelines below. They include fundamental principles of what good customer interactions should look like when building solutions to latest standards. If you'd like to be kept informed about future updates to our standards and guidelines, or other centre news, subscribe to the API Centre mailing list.   

How they work

Our guidelines recommend best practice for Standards Users so their customers have a consistent user experience ensuring they are in control of their payments and payments-related data.  It ensures that customers are clearly informed about the consent they are providing, and what service they will receive in return.  

The guidelines directly address the real-world customer journey between Third Party and API Provider interactions, from the establishment and authentication of consumer identity, through to payment authorisation.   

They provide guidance for Standards Users on best practice customer experience across products and services that can be offered through our standards.