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We want to give anyone with a genuine business interest in our API standards the opportunity to join the API Centre. Widespread involvement will also help to ensure ongoing API standards development continues to meet the market’s needs.

API Standards User

If your organisation wants to access payment-related data in a standardised way to provide Kiwis with innovative services, this registration type is for you. It offers the right to use our industry API standards and form bilateral agreements with other registered Standards Users, the opportunity to have considerable input into the standards development, access our sandbox and more.

API Community Contributor

Individuals, such as developers and API practitioners, can join as Community Contributors. You’ll be able to use our sandbox to test your innovation and contribute to ‘release candidate’ standards. This registration type is ideal if you’re interested in being involved in our API Centre, but not yet ready to use the standards in partnership with a registered Standards User.

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Access our sandbox

Joining our API Centre as a Community Contributor is free. You'll get access to our sandbox, powered by Middleware NZ, to test your innovation to our industry API standards.

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If you’d like to be involved in the future of New Zealand’s payments system or our clearing systems, see the Payments NZ Membership and Participation programmes.

If you have any questions about the API Centre, email us at [email protected] or call the team on (09) 300 1722.