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Together with the industry, from banks to startups, we’re building the open banking framework, including the standards and protocols needed to ensure fast, secure, user-friendly data sharing for Aotearoa.

Our open banking API standards are developed to international best practice and enable Third Parties (such as fintechs) to connect with API Providers (banks) in a consistent way, so integrations with banks don’t have to be customised for each API Provider. Our API standards are continuously developed by representatives from across the open banking ecosystem and operate within an agreed framework set by the API Centre.

We will continue to release new features and enhancements to our standards while earlier versions of the standards will remain available or in production with API Providers. To find out which version of the standards API Providers are building to, view the Minimum Open Banking Implementation Plan. To learn more about our standards, see Available standards.

If you would like to test your innovation using our standards in our sandbox, visit Join to find what level of involvement suits you.

Joining our API Centre enables you to use our API standards and contribute to their development.

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Join our API Centre as a Community Contributor to access to our sandbox, powered by Glueware's Open Banking Accelerator, and test your innovation to our industry API standards.

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  • Available standards .

    Find out about the standards that have been published to date.

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  • Using the standards

    Learn how you can view and use our API standards.

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  • Standards development

    Find out what’s in the development pipeline and who can comment on the plan.

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  • Development process

    Get an overview of the API standards development process and our versioning system.

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