View the open standards

Anyone can view the published versions of the open standards in Confluence. They include the standard and code specifications (YAML Swagger) so you can consider these when designing your customer solution.

Using the standards

Only registered Standards Users of the API Centre have the right to use our standards in partnership with another Standards User. Organisations can apply to become a registered API Provider or Third Party Standards User. To find out who's registered, see our current Standards Users.

Individuals can also join our API Centre as a Community Contributor. This gives you access to our sandbox so you can test your innovation against the standards before becoming a registered Third Party Standards User.

To learn more, see Join the API Centre.

Customer Experience Guidelines

You can now view our new API Centre Customer Experience Guidelines, which complements the API standards and helps support organisations planning to use our v2.0 and v2.1 standards to build real-world customer solutions.

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Customer experience guidelines

Our customer experience guidelines support organisations planning to use our latest standards to build real-world customer solutions.

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Customer Trust Framework

Our Customer Experience Guidelines support organisations planning to use our latest standards to build reOur Customer Trust Framework has been developed to support API Centre Standards Users to develop user experiences that are focused on a critical set of customer-centric principles.

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Equivalency Principle Policy

The Equivalency Principle Policy clearly outlines which accounts an API Provider must provide access to through the use of our APIs. It states that a bank must provide access to accounts consistent with that customer’s Account Operating Authority and the bank’s terms and conditions.

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Performance and Monitoring Requirements

A crucial part of measuring the success of our standardised open banking APIs is to ensure API Providers are supporting Third Party use cases and meeting industry performance targets. These targets have been set by the industry as guidelines that set out ranges and outline the minimum expectations for a successful open banking ecosystem.

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