View the open standards

Anyone can view the published versions of the open standards in Confluence. They include the standard and code specifications (YAML Swagger) so you can consider these when designing your customer solution.

Using the standards

Only registered Standards Users of the API Centre have the right to use our standards in partnership with another Standards User. Organisations can apply to become a registered API provider or third party Standards User. To find out who's registered, see our current Standards Users.

Individuals can also join our API Centre as a Community Contributor. This gives you access to our sandbox so you can test your innovation against the standards before becoming a registered third party Standards User.

To learn more, see Join the API Centre.

APIs being provided

Our v1.0 Payment Initiation standard is in production with two API providers – ASB and BNZ.

All API providers are at different stages of development, with varying timelines for when they will be able to offer APIs built to the v2.0 standards.

The industry’s current focus is on responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and this may affect readiness timelines in the short term. Although the momentum of this work may be impacted in the short term, all API providers remain committed to the API Centre and its vision.

We will provide updates on this page of each API provider’s readiness timeframes as they become available.