This update sets out information about the deprecation of version 1.0.0 of the Payments Initiation and Account Information API Standards (“v1.0 Standards”). 

Deprecation of v1.0 Standards 

At its meeting on 14 November 2023, the API Council, on behalf of the API Centre, agreed that with the publication of version 3.0 of the Standards on 31 January 2024, a deprecation notice for the v1.0 Standards be published by the API Centre on 31 January 2024. 

In agreeing to deprecate the v1.0 Standards, the Council:  

  • consulted with API Standards Users and Community Contributors on the deprecation of the v1.0 Standards;  
  • considered recommendations from both the Technical and Business working group that the v1.0 Standards be deprecated; and 
  • acknowledged that under the API Centre Terms and Conditions the Centre will give Standards Users at least six months’ notice before the v1.0 Standards are expired. 

In accordance with the API Centre’s API Standards version and lifecycle management policy

  • the API Council has approved the deprecation of the v1.0 Standards;  
  • the API Centre is consulting with Standards Users on the date for the expiry of the v1.0 Standards; and 
  • in accordance with clause 13.2 of the Terms and Conditions, Standards Users will be given at least 6 months’ notice before the v1.0 Standards are expired. 

About deprecation 

As part of our standards lifecycle, deprecation indicates to the broader payments ecosystem that a given standards version will be expired and will no longer be valid for use in the market from a specific date.  

See our API Standards Development Process page for an overview of the standards lifecycle. 

For more detail on lifecycle stages and management, including the process we follow, see our API Standards Version and Lifecycle Policy.