Together with the industry, from banks to startups, we’re creating the open banking standards and protocols needed to ensure fast, secure, user-friendly data sharing for Aotearoa New Zealand.

What we’re co-designing will power increased innovation, enabling businesses to create new products and services that will empower Kiwis’ financial wellbeing.

If you’d like to be part of NZ Inc’s open banking future, read on to find out more.

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Open banking multigenerational
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Available standards

Gain efficiencies by building to industry API standards and use our sandbox to test your innovations.

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Join our API Centre® community to be part of a new open banking ecosystem and contribute to API standards development.

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Form partnerships with other registered Standards Users to deliver your innovation to Kiwis.

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Access our sandbox

Joining our API Centre as a Community Contributor is free. You'll get access to our sandbox, powered by Glueware's Open Banking Accelerator, to test your innovation to our industry API standards.

T&Cs apply

How it works

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Industry driven

Our API Centre coordinates the ongoing development, management and governance of payment-related API standards and provides supporting services. It’s industry led and designed to respond to market needs.

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open standards

Open standards

Our published standards are available for anyone to view. Joining the API Centre gives you more rights to contribute or use the standards.

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Managed use

If you’re a potential API Provider such as a bank, or an interested Third Party, your organisation can apply to become a Standards User. You can then use our industry API standards through bilateral agreements with other registered Standards Users.

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Inclusive ecosystem

Individuals, such as developers, can also join the API Centre as a Community Contributor. You'll be able to use our sandbox to test your innovation against our industry API standards and contribute to pre-release standards.

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Registered API Providers

Registered Third Parties


  • Open banking milestone reached for Aotearoa New Zealand

    A range of new innovative and secure payment options will continue to become more available to New Zealanders, with open banking partnering underway by the country’s four largest banks through a common standard.

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  • Open Banking Showcase shows the future of payments in action

    Open banking solutions and the people making it happen took centre stage at yesterday’s Open Banking Showcase, delivered by the API Centre ahead of a key implementation date for open banking.

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  • Version 3.0 API standards released

    We’re pleased to announce another milestone in the evolution of open banking in Aotearoa New Zealand, with the release of version 3.0 of our API standards.

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