The API Technical Group writes and develops new API standards, and new versions of existing API standards according to the development plan. The API Business Group can provide guidance to the API Technical Group on a day-to-day basis, particularly about business issues associated with the standards being developed.


Members of the API Technical Group are required to act in the best interests of the API Centre. The group’s responsibilities include:

  • Writing and developing new API standards, as well as new versions of existing API standards including major, minor and patch versions.
  • In conjunction with the API Business Group, make recommendations to the API Council about the approval of new API standards or new major version releases of an existing standard.
  • Agreeing and implementing patch changes to the API standards.
  • Ad hoc issue resolution in relation to technical aspects of the API standards.
  • Providing a forum for Standards Users to exchange dialogue on the technical interpretation and use of the API standards.
  • Providing technical advice to the API Council and the API Business Group.


The API Technical Group is made up of API Centre facilitators and representatives from registered Standards User organisations. The Payments NZ management team can nominate up to four API Centre facilitators. Up to two representatives can be nominated from each registered API Provider and Third Party. Members do not have to be represented in the API Council.