Our API standards are for Payment Initiation and Account Information. For an overview of what each standard does, see the Payment Initiation API standard and Account Information API standard pages. 

To view the full open standards and more detailed information about their design principles, visit our Confluence space.


  • These are New Zealand API standards to initiate payments and access bank account information.
  • They are based on the UK’s Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) standards but tailored for the New Zealand market.
  • Our API standards adhere to RESTful API design principles, which are designed to be extensible, allowing for updates to capabilities and functionality.
  • Market demand drives our development activities and has led to the creation of bespoke functionality for New Zealand.

To find out how you can use these standards, see Using the standards.

To read about upcoming standards development, the process, and how you can contribute, see Standards development

In this section

Payment Initiation API standard

See an overview of how the Payment Initiation API works and what it does.

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Account Information API standard

See an overview of how the Account Information API works and what it does.

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Authentication flows

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API Provider readiness

Find out when API Providers expect to be ready to offer APIs built to our available standards and discuss opportunities to partner.

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