1. By submitting the Community Contributor application form ("the application") the applicant agrees that:
        a. the application will be determined by Payments NZ Limited in its capacity as provider of the API Centre and on the basis of the information provided by the applicant. 
        b. the information in the application is complete, correct and not misleading. 
        c. if Payments NZ approves the application:
            i. it will comply with these terms and conditions (Terms) and any amended Terms published by the API Centre from the date they are published on the API Centre website.
            ii. it will not use or disclose to anyone any confidential information which belongs to or concerns Payments NZ, the API Centre or API Standards Users, including, but not limited to, any information which is not known to the public generally, whether in written, electronic or oral form, that relates to Payments NZ, the API Centre or API Standards Users, their business affairs, finances, trade secrets, intellectual property, employees or contractors.
            iv. It will provide the API Centre with up to date and accurate contact details and advise the API Centre of any changes to its contact details.
  2. A Community Contributor can terminate its status as a Community Contributor at any time by giving written notice to the API Centre. 
  3. Payments NZ may, on written notice, terminate a Community Contributor’s status as a Community Contributor immediately if the Community Contributor:
        a. breaches the Terms;
        b. is placed into receivership, liquidation or statutory management;
        c. enters into a compromise with its creditors; or
        d. otherwise acts in such a way that may have an adverse impact on the reputation of Payments NZ, the API Centre or API Standards Users.
  4. The confidentiality provisions will continue to apply after the Community Contributor ceases to be a Community Contributor.
  5. Payments NZ and the API Centre is not liable for any loss whether the loss is direct or consequential (including loss of profits), incurred by the applicant arising out of, or in connection with the application or these Terms.
  6. Payments NZ and the API Centre does not make any warranty or representation regarding the API Standards or API Centre sandbox, including warranties or representations as to description, merchantability or that the API Standards or API Centre Sandbox will be free from defects, viruses, or are otherwise fit for purposes required by a Community Contributor.
  7. Payments NZ can amend the Terms at any time by publishing amended Terms on the API Centre website and notifying Community Contributors, using the contact details provided. If the Community Contributor does not accept the amended Terms it may terminate its status as a Community Contributor, by notice in writing to the API Centre, from the date those amendments take effect.